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Mark Irving  -  Photographer

the irving gallery   25, Bridge Street, Berwick upon Tweed

Northumberland UK     TD15 1ES


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I wish there was another name for 'Pinhole Photography'. It'll have to do for now...

These 'Still Life' photographs are the result of years of experimentation with ‘pinhole’ photography. All of these photographs are produced using Mark's own hand made wooden cameras individually designed and manufactured from scratch according to the subject.

They are developed and printed using a traditional wet darkroom. There is no editing of the negative or final photograph.

Mark is currently working on a series of new images based on his recent stay at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, Cornwall. One of the world's greatest artist studio facilities.

These images will be online and available to buy as a true photographic 'print' as soon as they are ready. This will be by Easter 2018 if all goes well.